• 8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine

  • Broken Rotorarm

    The rotor arm was broken when I was about to start it. Had to make a quick fix to get the engine running before launching the boat.

  • Not easy to find parts for Wipac series A magneto.
    After much googling I found the parts in UK at Villiersparts.co.uk

  • Converting the magneto to electric ignition

    Has converted the magneto to electric ignition for more reliability. Then only use the distributor on magneto. Very easy to do. Only move wire from internal coil to negative on new external coil and positive from ignition switch to external coil.

Gressvik wooden boat 25 feet with 8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine.Boat and motor built in Fredrikstad Norway in 1965..

  • 8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine

    8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine. The engine had been under water so I cleaned the engine internally honed the cylinders and did a valve job. It started right away and I let it run a couple of hours with cooling water from the garden hose.

  • I use Owatrol Dilunett paint and coating remover and Owatrol Net-Trol wood cleaner and restorer to strip old varnish on pine and heat gun to strip mahogany.

  • Epifanes Clear Varnish..

  • Made a new mahogany hatch for the cabin roof. Varnished with 10 coats of Epifanes varnish..

  • Underside of the hatch ..

  • Did not look good after standing with untreated wood throughout the Winter..

  • My grinding machines. Bosch PBS 75AE and Bosch PEX 300 AE

  • I use a 20kw diesel heater with a diy thermostat to get the temperature for varnish ..

  • Diy thermostat.

  • First coat Epifanes varnish..

  • 2.coat..

  • 2.coat..

  • 2.coat..

  • 3 coats. I'll put 7 coats on the hull and 10 coats on the deck ..

  • 1 coat Epifanes 50% thinner..

  • 1 coat mahogany stain..

  • I use PolytSystem Classic mahogany stain. The stain highlights and enhances the wood's natural color, glow and structure and protects against yellowing and bleaching .